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Field research

○Information on field work and research


 [Contents of Presentation]
  ○Town development in Tono
  ○Approach to logistical support
  ○Urban planning through finding human resources
  ○Community businesses in Tono
  ○Green Tourism in Tono
  ○Outline of Tono Natural Life Network
 [On-site observations]
  ○Practical green tourism sites in Tono (Lodging, providing experiences)
  ○Related facilities
  *For details, please contact the Network.

◆Duration:Lectures run from 1.5 to 2 hours 

◆Fee:Five or more people, \1,000 per person (including materials)
     Four people or less, \5,000 per lecture (including materials)

◆Reservations / Inquiries
  <By email>
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Tono Natural Life Network

Industry Development Hall 6-16 Higashi-date, Tono, Iwate 028-0515


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