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Type 3 Travel Agency

Type 3 Travel Agency

  • ◆Type 3 Travel Agency
     Registration Number 3-208 from Iwate Governor Registration
     Name: Authorized Nonprofit Organization Tono Natural Life Network
     Business Name: Tono Natural Life Network
     Location: 6-16 Higashi-date, Tono, Iwate,028-0515
     Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 Closed Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
     Representative: KIKUCHI Shinichi, President
     Manager for handling travel services Manager for handling domestic travel services KIKUCHI Shinichi
     ・Full member of All Nippon Travel Agents Association
     ・Consignments for handling projects and travel: Iwate Travel Agents Cooperative

    ◆Business details
     1. Conducts community based tourism in Tono and neighboring regions in Iwate
     2. Accepts and coordinates educational travel
     3. Accepts and coordinates observational travel
     4. Coordinates lodging and experiences with Tono Driving School Camp Licenses

    ◆Terms of Agreement for Travel
     Terms of Agreement for Travel(Recruitment Planning Travel Agreement) PDF
     Terms of Agreement for Travel(Orders Planning Travel Agreement) PDF
     Terms of Agreement for Travel(Arranged Travel Agreement) PDF
     Special Rules for Compensation PDF

    ◆Travel Service Fees Price List
     Travel Service Fees Price List PDF

    ◆Personal Information Protection Policy
    ●We regard our customer’s privacy as an important responsibility, and carefully protect their personal information, comply with Japanese laws related to the protection of information. We strive to prevent the risk of loss, disclosure, etc.

    ●We use the personal information provided on the application form when submitted at the time when you made an application to travel for the purpose of contacting customers. In addition to this, we use it within the scope necessary to make arrangement of services offered by service providers such as for transportation and accommodations, as well as for procedures for receiving those services.

Tono Natural Life Network

Industry Development Hall 6-16 Higashi-date, Tono, Iwate 028-0515