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Guest Houses on Farms / Farm Fresh Restaurants

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Guest Houses on Farms in Tono
(in Tsukimoshi)
They have pastures and fields where you can experience taking care of and milking cow throughout the year. In spring you can try gathering wild vegetables and kinoko mushrooms, with other mushrooms in fall. In the winter, try the charcoal grilling. Also, you can enjoy 100% homemade doburoku (a home-brewed kind of sake) from our Doburoku Special Domestic Zone No. 1.

19-113 Kami-tsukimoshi, Tsukimoshi, Tono, Iwate 
Farmhouse MIZUKI
(in Miyamori)
You will find wonderful views here. You can try your hand making crafts from straw or kaya (year round) or at agricultural work (from April through November. It also boasts fine cuisine using fresh vegetables grown locally.
[Capacity] 3 rooms, 6 people

34-104-1 Shimo-masuzawa, Miyamori, Tono, Iwate
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Farm Guest House SOZUKURI-TEI (in Kamigo)
Experience Japanese culture such as light farm work (peanuts, flowers, vegetables) and kimonos, as well as horse riding, seasonal cooking and handicrafts. They are ready to welcome you at SOZUKURI-TEI where you can feel the nostalgia.
[Capacity] 3 rooms, 5 people, 3 people, 3 people

5-2-2 Hirakura, Kamigo, Tono, Iwate
Farm Guest House GLOBAL
(in Aozasa)
Being a family run dairy, the owner of this farm guest house runs several businesses, including a barber shop, at the home.
[Capacity] 5 people
34-10 Nukamae , Aozasa, Tono, Iwate
Farm Guest House Agriturismo OMORI-KE
           (in Tsuchibuchi)
Enjoy farming experiences (rice, tomatoes and various vegetables) in the field, and try making pizza and local cuisine. Make ikkanbari (lacquered papier-mache) (only in winter), or some ice cream from seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can also eat vegetables you gather yourself.
[Capacity] 8 people
18-189-1 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi, Tono, Iwate

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Farm Fresh Restaurants in Tono
Restaurant YUWA (in Ayaori)
Experience local cuisine made right here by mothers in Tono. You can dine while enjoying the landscapes of Tono and even see the SL Ginga (a special train), depending on the season.

19-7-2 Nissato, Ayaori, Tono, Iwate
Mommy’s Kitchen (in Kamigo)
This dining room, run by mothers from Tono, is in Kamigo. The delicious menu items are made from seasonal ingredients and are handmade, using fresh vegetables to ensure their safety and security.

36-10-5 Hirakura, Kamigo, Tono, Iwate
*1 Please confirm fees and vacancies for lodging in farm guest houses by telephone, email or on their home page.
*2 Tono Natural Life Network also accepts inquiries concerning lodging.
  Tono Natural Life Network 6-16 Higashi-date, Tono, Iwate (9:00 to 17:00) 

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